Status Report:
Marc delivered the gadget station to Leo Laporte, and had a chance to visit David Marks while he was there. What at Leo’s TWiT Cottage, Marc had a chance to meet Cali Lewis from GeekBrief.TV. Matt has been playing with his new Veritas Skew Plane and Plow Plane. He also finally got around to building a sharpening station. And Matt has made a promise to cut a set of dovetails everyday, until he can give Frank Klausz a run for his money.

Around the Web:
Western PA Table Project

Toolsnob.com – article about NASA using a Rotozip to cut through permafrost on Mars…I wonder if its the one Matt sold in a garage sale last year?

Popular Woodworking blog post on mitersaws with cameras.

Lee Valley Giveaway winners: Richard Sylvestre and Mack McKinney. They will each receive one of Lee Valley’s new Skew Rabbet Planes!

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Are you ready for your holiday projects? Here are some ideas: small clocks, a magazine rack, a long grain cutting board, or maybe a serving tray.

Skee has some glue streaks on his veneered plywood. David is getting the fuzzies when cutting his pine boards.

Tom’s Tip:
A unique way to transfer designs.

3 replies on “WT44”

Regarding the question of fuzzy pine…. In Charles Niel’s video on sanding he mentions that one could coat the pine with shellac to harden the surface before sanding.


I agree…aspen is the worst wood I’ve worked with with regards to fuzz. Sanding only seems to exacerbate the problem unless you use a very fine grit. I found it’s better the put at least one coat of the intended final finish on before doing the final sanding to remove raised fibers. Like you said…it’s almost like string cheese.


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