This week, we have a special guest host with us: Shannon Rogers from the Renaissance Woodworker.

What’s on the Bench:
Shannon is putting the final touches on his workbench project and is enjoying his time with his new Lie Nielsen tongue and groove plane. Marc is back from his classes at the William Ng School. Matt is trying to figure out how the heck he is going to get that new granite-topped tablesaw down into his basement.

Woodworking in America conference announced: take the survey and win a prize!
Should there be power tool instruction at this conference? Tell us what you think in the comments.

Last chance to win a Super FMT!

Around the Web:
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Clark sent us this link: an amazing mini boat-builder.
Brett sent us this link: furniture from wine staves

The Unplugged Woodshop

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LumberJock’s Winter Awards

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It Came From the Forum:
What to buy a starting woodworker?

Carla asks about dust collection in a basement shop. Marc recommended Bill Pentz’s site for more information on dust collection.

Lee- jigsaw not cutting straight
BedrockBob – Recommendation for wide bench chisel.
ShopMonger – How to tell whether a chessboard is veneer or solid wood.

Toms Tip: Flattening the back of those used chisels.
Kari’s Tip: Take time to befuddle future generations.

4 replies on “WT66”

I was really glad Shannon was on the show to answer my large bench chisel question. I did watch the Renaissance Woodworker where Shannon trimmed a tennon with a wide chisel and thoroughly enjoyed it. David Charlesworth does a good job of demonstrating the use of wide chisels in his Chisel Techniques for Precision Joinery DVD. When I layout a mortise or inlay I use a marking knife and then deepen the knife line with a bench chisel. I use light vertical chopping and then horizontal paring to create a shoulder outlining the mortise. Then I use a Forstner bit at the drill press or a router to remove the bulk of the waste. Finally, I come back with the bench chisels to extend the shoulder I created earlier to finish the mortise.

I took Shannon’s suggestion and looked on ebay but did not see anything I wanted. Also, I did not want to pay $100.00 or more for a single chisel; I was looking to spend $50.00 or less. Thanks to the Forum I found the chisel (well two chisels) that I wanted. In the Forum under


I think it may also be a function of how Lee was using the saw. When I first started I used to “push” the saw through the corners instead of coordinating the speed I’m pushing the saw with steering the saw around the curve. I’ve seen other beginners push the saw and wind up applying sideways pressure. I used to do this too and wound up with the cuts not being perpendicular to the face. I now let the saw cut it’s way and steer it around the turn more like how a car turns the corner and the same saw makes quality cuts.


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