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This week, we have a special guest host with us: Rick Waters from the The Splintered Board Podcast and The Sawdust Chronicles.

Show Topics
Using hand tools, even for the boring stuff.
The differences/uses of rabbet vs shoulder vs plow vs router planes
Can you learn ww’ing from books and videos alone?
What’s on the Bench:

Take Popular Woodworking’s Tablesaw Safety Survey.
Check out the new SketchUp series for purchase in the Woodworker’s Book Shop.

Dave has snipe! – We recommend Episode 52
John wants to make raised panels and needs some advice.
JohnnyNoName wants to know what non-woodworking tools we use in the shop.

Tip Clips:
Tom’s Tip – Brown Paper Bag finish trick.
See more from Tom at TomsWorkbench.com
Kari’s tip – Top 10 Tips for Wives (mention that is FOR WIVES or spouses)
Enjoy more of Kari’s work at Villagecarpenter.blogspot.com

6 replies on “WT68”

I heard the Wood Talk Online 68 live for the first time. I’m glad to see that you were able to recover your video file.

I see you recovered the file. Great! The look on your face after the show with “OMG moment” stare was priceless… so, just out of curiosity what happened? Better yet, how did you get it back? Inquiring minds want to know… lol.



yeah that was definitely funny. The program just crashed as I stopped the recording. So when I reopened the file, there was nothing in it. Fortunately, Garageband does constantly record the file, even though it didn’t immediately look that way. So all I had to do was right click on the working file, and open package contents. Inside there is a media folder with the files I needed. Apparently this is pretty well-documented but its good to know for anyone who uses Garageband.

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