Matt mentioned a recent article in Woodcraft Magazine citing a statistic released by the CDC regarding the dramatic rise in nail gun injuries due to the increased use of pneumatic nailers. We had two great voicemails, first was a question from Hloakes about the advantages of using plywood vs. dimensional lumber. The second email melted the hearts of our hosts with a “YOU’RE THE BEST” by Vicki the daughter of listener Grant. Oh yeah and her dad had a question for us too.

So we now move into the email portion of the show where first up was a question about how important it is to attend a school of woodworking. Is it important to our hosts? Our next email was a question about choosing a small shop dust collector and if we had any ideas for properly hooking one up to his DW 621 Plunge Router.

There were a couple of questions about HVLP sprayers that our Marc was able to shed some light on, while Matt just drank water and fiddled with his mic. Listener Scott shared his views on the Festool Domino and the Sawstop. He also sent us a link to check out free design software at eCabinetsystems.com . Christian from the Netherlands asks about specialized hand planes for fine joinery and James asks about sanding a routed detailed edge. Last but not least, are you interested in Nominating Wood Talk Online for a Podcast Award? Nominations start July 1st, click here for more details podcastawards.com

2 replies on “WT11”

Hi Guys,
Just a quick note to say thanks for all the videos and podcasts. Love listening to you both and I have turned off my radio (because of all the crap that’s on my local stations these days) its very refreshing to hear from other woodworkers going through all the same things that I do, makes me feel not so alone out here in my workshop. Your sense of humor always amuses me. I’m only up to episode 11 so far but I am catching up fast so thanks again.
P.S. I will leave a voice mail one of these days so I can help Marc get a more accurate Australian accent as I know he loves to try to imitate us quite a lot which I find hilarious.
Have Fun!
Will be in touch again soon with a real woodwork question, I might even send you some Australian Chocolate one day as a reward for all your effort and I know you love free stuff. (Don’t we all)

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