* The President of the local Woodworkers Association in Arizona calls Marc to see if he would be interested in being a judge for their anuual Excellence in Woodworking event.
(link for Arizona Woodworkers Association: http://www.azfinewoodworkers.org/default.asp)
* Matt is expanding his finishing techniques and using brushing lacquer for the first time.
* Marc has been in contact with Charles Neil, who is a big fan of the Earlex HVLP spray systems. Marc has just gotten one, and will review once he’s had time to work with it.
(link for Charles Neil: http://www.antiquesbuiltdaily.com/)
(link for Earlex HVLP spray systems: http://www.earlex.com/hvlp.php)

Voicemails / Emails:
* Anonymous – Voicemail
This question is for Marc since he maintains the website. When I’m viewing the WTO website, under the WTO “Let’s Talk Shop” logo, there is a big white box that looks to be some sort of control that isn’t working. Is it just my computer, or is there a problem viewing the site with Internet Explorer? Is this just that silly old PC Internet Explorer thing?

* Ken – California
I have a question about running PVC for air lines in the shop. I ran 1/2″ schedule 40 in my old workshop, and it stayed up for at least a decade. I’m wondering if I just got lucky on the pipe or glue being good quality. I would like to hear your take on this.

Plumbing a Shop for Air article

* Bob – California (He’s in the car again…)
I watched the jointing video from Hendrik. I noticed that he kept his factory blade guard on there. Of course I threw mine in the trash, and I’ve been working without one. I am now sufficiently scared if a stud like Hendrik is using his blade guard, I need one. I’m now considering an aftermarket blade guard. What are your thoughts? I’m leaning towards the Exaktor or maybe the Excalibur blade guards.

11 replies on “WT29”

I have been in the market for a long time for a sprayer. I recently saw the Earlex at my local woodcraft. Now please understand that I love woodcraft, but typically they’re pretty over price. With a large kitchen remodel coming up soon, I set out looking for the best deal on the Spray Station 5000. And believe it or not Harbor freight had the best price. I haven’t purchased anything yet, but I’m excited for you review.

I’m also interested in the sprayer review. Sears is currently selling the Spray Station 5000 for $40 cheaper than Woodcraft at $285 (I rarely buy anything from Woodcraft as they are consistently overpriced). Hey Marc, if and when you give a review I’d be interested to hear a cost/benefit argument of the features of the 5000 compared to the 3000 (i.e. are the features of the 5000 really worth double the cost of the 3000). I was just looking at the Porter Cable PSH1 sprayer… still need to do my homework here so any follow-up segments on sprayers in general would be very interesting!

Woodcraft is a good place to buy Festool since they are the same price everywhere. And I pick up small items there, but rarely good for big tools.
I just purchased the 5000 from Harbor Freight (thanks tooladdict) for the heads up. I figure if its good enough for Charles Neil, then surely it’s good enough for me.

also interested in reading your review of the Earlex. interesting fact about the company, they also make equipment for spray tanning booths.

Hmm…..guess its time for my all-over tan! ๐Ÿ™‚ Antique Maple should give me just the right sun-kissed tone. ๐Ÿ™‚

The online voicemail system has been gone for quite some time now. No one ever used it so I just removed it from the site. You can still use Skype to leave us a message though. Just Skype marcspag and that will go to our voicemail box.

Re: PVC air lines. I don’t have personal experience but read in FWW about a PVC air system that was fine for 10 years. Then one day it spontaneously burst, taking out equipment but happily not people. Apparently it gets brittle with age. I imagine sunlight exposure and heat would speed that process up. Not a gamble I personally would be willing to make.

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