WT217 – Brandon Gore Interview

Common (Host), Nolen Niu and Brandon Gore Judgesbrandon-goreOn today’s show, we’re chatting with Brandon Gore, a talented furniture-maker who works primarily with concrete and who serves as a judge on the new Spike TV show Framework. The show is only four episodes in and Brandon already has a reputation for being stern, direct, and unapologetic. We’ll talk about his role on the show and get some inside information about how the show works why the drama is a necessary component.

We’ll also discuss Brandon’s concrete work and his thoughts on furniture and design as he passes on some good advice to new designers.

gore-flow-deskYou can learn more about Brandon’s work at Gore Design Co. In the interview we discuss the Flow Table specifically and you can see an example of that to the left. And here’s a link to the book Brandon mentioned: Human Design & Interior Space.



Catch up with the latest on Framework here and if you have cable, be sure to tune in on Tuesday nights at 10pm Eastern/ 9pm Central.

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I gotta say I’m glad I stepped away from my thought on “drama tv” and looked at the show for what it, I’m excited every week to see the new designs and be inspired to look at a piece of furniture and brainstorm my own. A few times now I’ve grabbed pencil and paper and played with designs as I watch. I encourage everyone to look passed the drama and be inspired!

And if anyone else was like me and immediately went to the Google box when Brandon dropped the name of that design book, here it is Human Dimension & Interior Space. Be forewarned that the Amazon referral machine will take you down a rabbit hole with some cool looking additional books that will take more than just $26 from you. (so I’m told)

Great interview. I now have to get back to AZ to hang out at some meetups! I started with furniture many years ago but have focused on guitars since 2003 (while living in Phoenix). After watching Framework and EDC, I realize that I miss making furniture. I had to get over the “induced drama” that I hate about reality TV, but I can’t NOT watch something about building stuff! I’m over the “drama” bit now, respect the judges opinions and look forward to the show.

The meetups are on Tuesday nights at The Forge pizza in Phx. 7pm-9pm. It’s really a viewing party for Framework but Brandon is trying to use the momentum to turn it into a regular event, so we’ll see where it goes from here. We went this past week and had a great time.

Marc and Brandon,
Thanks for the inspiring interview. Just listened to it this morning, while in the driveway workshop. Once the sun goes down, I’ll head over to Brandon’s web site.
Keep up the good work, both of you.

I think that Gore is completely unlikable. I’ve watched a few episodes of that show and he is very inconsistent in his judging.

Also, I can’t stand his hipster beard, lame tattoos, and he makes a big deal out of working with concrete! He might as well work in a record store and tell be about some band that I wouldn’t know about because it’s “too underground”.

Love the show, guys! And Marc, you conduct a great interview. Looking forward to more of these in the future.

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