WT230 – Super Spongy Matt

On today’s show, we’re talking about Anti-fatigue mats, Pore-filling, Build or buy the first workbench?, wood movement in an Adirondack chair, and shop vac vs dust collector vs air filter.

What’s on the Bench?

  • Matt didn’t follow his own cut list and came up short on wood
  • Shannon went zen with his smoothing plane
  • Marc worked his sick butt off to finish his chest of drawers project

What’s New?

    • Aaron shared a video of new kind of wood turning

    • Dane is trying to bridge the gap between woodworkers and knitter…and he is not allowed to submit anything ever again for that egregious breach of trust!!!!!

Poll of the Week

What are the tools you regret buying?


  • Jared has a solution to fix an out of alignment Dewalt 735 planer like Shannon’s
  • David called in to share a Bessey Clamp sale going on in Kansas City…but Matt went and bought all of them
  • Somebody in Atlanta called in to say the Roomba in a workshop is a great idea


  • The OCD Woodworker called in to ask about anti fatigue matts and our opinions on hard or soft
  • David from KC wants to know what he is doing wrong when it comes to pore filling Mahogany


  • Jim is debating whether to build or buy his workbench
  • Dave wants to know if traditional wooden joinery is a bad idea in an outdoor chair when it comes to wood movement
  • James wants to know what will give him the biggest bang for his buck: dust collector, shop vac, or air filtration unit.

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15 replies on “WT230 – Super Spongy Matt”

After 11 years of pounding the floor at Lowe’s for 8 hours a day, along with woodworking on the days off. There are no sneaker type shoes that hold up for more than 4 months. I then discovered the Ariat Terrain boots, from Boot Barn, that cost twice as much but last for two years or more. Changing to an arch support insert also helps keep foot issues to a minimum.

Because I saw your comment before I listened to the show I kept an ear out for it. Yes, Marc is a little more snarky than normal (probably because he didn’t feel 100%), I don’t think it warranted a comment.

Maybe it was more noticeable because he was missing from the two previous shows AND was sick.

Either way, these guys play well together and it was another great show.

I must’ve missed it…did it happen when I left to get a taco? What was it? Maybe when Shannon and I overtalked? I was too busy being distracted by Shannon to notice.

And he didn’t even spell your name right. Seems like he’s trying to bait you. Where’s the common decency?

I thought this was the funniest episode you guys have had! There are many with some good comedy but I was laughing out loud a few times which is always awkward with the headphones in. I had an Idea too for the t-shirt mentioned, is there a good way to reference rocks for woodworkers and scissors for knitters? Are spouses or Jobs the paper? Anywho, love the show!!

I was listening to the podcast at lunch today and just wanted to wish y’all a very Happy Anniversary on this fine April Fool’s Day…(insert chortle here).

Love the podcast. Keep it up!

Hey guys! Just wanted to make everyone aware that Roombas are really just sweepers. Despite their marketing, there is not a suction motor in them. So for a fraction of the cost ($15-30) you can get a manual sweeper (the type used at restaurants,movie theaters,etc)that will do the same thing with a little manual power. I’ve used on in my garage for the last 6 years with great success! Love the show!

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