WT229 – Small Shop Lessons

On today’s WoodTalk “Weekend Edition”, Marc was out sick so Matt and Shannon talked about small shops whether they be garage or basement and the lessons we have learned from our own small workshops.


  • Jared wants to know if “size does matter” when it comes to a workshop
  • Josh is looking for layout advice in his small 14×20 shop

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2 replies on “WT229 – Small Shop Lessons”

For me, when I hear over 20 feet for a “small” shop length, I think “Bah, that’s not small, THIS is small… “. 😉 My shop is 16×10′. Everything is in wheels. I have a Delta Uni in there (& it does move forward and back for cuts), A Shopsmith which has a primary use of Sander, Bandsaw, and drill press. I have 2 flip carts which hold my planer, Sliding miter, sharpener, and Osc. Spindle sander. My 6” jointer is on wheels. Dust collector has a 14′ Rocker collapsible tubing to stretch anywhere in the shop. Storage is on the walls, and I have two lofts for off floor storage. That IS inconveinent. All large panels are usually cut off site at the BBS for easier transport and storage. Circular Saw for long boards in yard. I’ve gotten into the habit of rough cutting outside the shop and final cutting at the tablesaw. Glue ups can be difficult, but I try to make use of my mobile workbench & my table saw top. It just takes patience and planning and does NOT always go well.;)

first time listener today, enjoyed it. couldn’t help but say that we’ve had the exact same problem with the 735, but the fix is quite easy. you can loosen each of the four spindles independently from underneath the base and spin them so the heights at each corner is parallel with the table and you’re good to go!

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