WT273 – Double Doody

Today’s show is sponsored by Brusso Hardware, Harrys.com (coupon code WOODTALK), and FanDuel.com (coupon code WOOD) On today’s show we’re talking about making curved sides on a small box, attaching paper-backed veneer to a van interior, and finishing half blind dovetails.

What’s on the Bench?

  • Marc has the sniffles
  • Matt has a new job and he’s hitting the road
  • Shannon is slacking off with his interior joinery for his Blanket chest

What’s New?

  • Caleb James posted a cool video about making elliptical profiles with a round moulding plane
  • Here is a video where lumbersexual men get schooled by a woman with a chainsaw
  • Woodworking in America is this weekend, September 25-27th in Kansas City
  • The Modern Woodworker’s Association is doing a meet up at Spectator’s Bistro at 8 PM on Thursday prior to Woodworking in America, show up and start the conference with a hangover.

Poll of the Week

The Effect of Kids on Your Woodworking



  • Grant is looking for a good solution for making concave box sides. Marc suggests the table saw and this video.
  • Stanley is thinking about veneering his van for a lava lamp, rockin’, love machine
  • Martin wants to know how to preserve the light color of his half blind dovetails while staining the drawer front

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5 replies on “WT273 – Double Doody”

Just ordered the Brusso hinges. 4 for $40 plus the Woodtalk code gave me another 10%off!!!!! Now to build something “hinge worthy”.


To answer your question on putting a computer out in the shop, why not get a computer designed for an industrial environment like this



If you are dedicated to OSX (eww) then another option would be to get a MacMini and monitor and mount them in a Plexiglas box with a metal (preferably copper) back and add some form of active cooling like this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835103195

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