WT339 – A Fart in the Wind

On today’s show, we’re talking about when to use your air cleaner, tensioning a bandsaw blade, planing a glued up carcass.

What’s On the Bench

  • Marc found a temporary LED lighting solution
  • Matt is working on…wait for it…a bandsaw mill
  • Shannon did some Spring cleaning in the fall

What’s New


  • Jay shared a browser plugin that will allow you to price watch on Amazon
  • Kyle offered to help Matt figure out his VFD problem


  • Nate wants to darken his table after the oil based finished has cured
  • Jay is trying to resaw boards that are bigger than his bandsaw can handle.
  • Jason has a comment.


  • Dave wants to know how to best use an air cleaner
  • Brian wants to know how Matt will tension a 25 foot bandsaw blade
  • Arkadiusz wants to know how to plane an assembled carcass

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11 replies on “WT339 – A Fart in the Wind”

Listened to your last podcast. Great stuff as always. You all mentioned that if lee valley had a black friday sale you would buy everything. Its not a black friday sale but right now I am looking at their cyber monday sale page.

I think Ishitani Furniture on Youtube uses one of this fancy super surfacer dealy whackers, just seems like a smaller version. But I always wondered what that thing was.

The joke is on Marc and Shannon, Matt was too humble to point out that putting the Sawstop technology on a band saw mill is pointless because the wood is too wet and it would have to be disabled all the time.

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