WT357 – Old Woodworkers Poop Their Pants

On today’s show, we’re talking about live edge table bases, air dried vs kiln dried lumber, and Stationary log vs stationary head mills.

What’s On the Bench

  • Marc finished his slab table
  • Matt has a family weekend
  • Shannon received new shop flooring

What’s New


  • Nate replied to our questions about his through drawer design
  • Andre replied with pictures of his 4 breadboard table
  • Joseph things subscribers doesn’t tell the story as much as the ratio of subscribers to views on YouTube
  • Stephen has a good suggestion for using a lid stay that will bend inwards for David’s query in episode 355.


  • Josh doesn’t have a bench and wants some opinions
  • Richard wants to know what is missing from the online woodworking community


  • Jacob is looking for more examples for bases for slab top furniture
  • Akos wants to know why Matt chose a moving head vs moving bed saw mill
  • Page is looking for ways to differentiate between air dried and kiln dried lumber

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3 replies on “WT357 – Old Woodworkers Poop Their Pants”

I love the thought of filling the big house (Michigan Stadium) with people watching slab cutting, all chanting CRE-MO-NA! CRE-MO-NA!
Congratulations Matt!

So I see Cremona still can’t be bothered to fill out his “about” section of Wood Talk. He had one thing to do and . . . he completely met expectations.

Viva La Resistance!

Don’t let the Luddite and Honda Money Man push you around!

Three cheers for the Mad Muppet!

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