WT359 – Free Donuts

On today’s show, we’re talking about extra jointer support, taming tapers, diamond vs water stones, and leaving the bark on

What’s On the Bench

  • Marc cleaned his grill
  • Matt is stacking lumber
  • Shannon installed his new floor and made a Sistrum

What’s New

  • Wanna build a planer sled?
  • Brian Boggs has redesigned his iconic shaving horse and is selling plans
  • Check out the No Lathe Pen Challenge
  • Potential Export tax coming out of Myanmar on Teak
  • TODAY is the last day for early bird pricing (save $80) at Fine Woodworking Live


  • Ash called in about the strange table saw noise
  • Ben called in to remind us that some of the masters are producing content: Curtis Buchanan is one of them
  • Mark has some great information on how rubber flooring breaks the thermal barrier
  • Allen wants to know why Shannon is bad mouthing biscuits
  • Andrew says sandblasting wood is not a new thing
  • Kyle says to determine if wood is air dried, ask the seller


  • Stew wants to know more about infeed/outfeed support on a jointer


  • Rob is looking for advice on creating tapers by hand
  • Nick wants to know how to keep the bark from falling off some slab benches he is making
  • Chuck is wondering about switching to diamond stones

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12 replies on “WT359 – Free Donuts”

I am interested in Shannon’s work insights. I do not think you need a new segment, just include any new news in the Whats New segment.
Great show

Regarding the cost of slabs:

A big part of the cost of slabs comes from the increasing scarcity of 2+ foot wide trees. Add to that the amount of time needed to replace that tree and it is easier to see why the cost is rising.

I imagine that you also get less overall yield milling a tree specifically for large slabs but not sure.

Shannon, I looked at the DMT website after you mentioned the MagnaBase and for the life of me I couldn’t find out where to get the extra-fine/extra-extra-fine option. The only seem to offer extra-fine/fine and coarse/extra-coarse. I appear the largest continuous bench stone they offer in extra-extra-fine is the 8″.

Do you have the double secret inside direct hook up for this mysterious extra-extra-fine MagnaBase, or were your synapses just getting discombobulated by Matt’s double double chocolate donut?



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