WT367 – Matt Loves Us

On today’s show, we’re talking about card scraper thickness, what’s your highest grit before finishing, and asymetrical dovetail layout

What’s On the Bench

  • Marc is refinishes his Rustic Outdoor Table
  • Matt is finished off the Farmhouse Table Build and is working on his son’s bed
  • Shannon sucks at DIY and took forever to install a door knob


  • AJ says check out Craigslist for lumber
  • Casey has some feedback on static electricity and PVC pipe
  • Jared said “stuff”
  • Nathan was sitting in the library when a couple started measuring a chair next to him.
  • Joel has some great information on Wood dust explosion myths
  • Matt shared the artist Jason Schneider who makes furniture out of cardboard

Lumber News

The Softwood Lumber Association is considering a tariff on all Canadian Softwoods. 30% is the number being discussed but many feel this may drop to 10%. Final determination should come in April 2017.


  • Kyle wants to know when it makes sense to sand finer than the 180 that Marc often talks about.
  • Wilson is looking for tips on laying out asymmetrical dovetails.
  • Jeremy wants to know what thickness of card scraper we like to use.

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Kickback to the kickback regarding dust collection . . . water doesn’t explode when a static discharge occurs (lightning excluded) to the contents of a PVC pipe. Not trolling, just making an observation.

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