WT371 – 10 Years of Madness

On today’s show, we’re celebrating 10 years of Wood Talk!

The WoodTalk Timeline

  • April 1st 2007: Marc and Matt V start WoodTalk Online
  • By 2009 (#53) the war with knitters was well established
  • June 2010 (episode #71) Shannon joins the show as co-host
  • January 2016 – “The Matt Awakens” Matt Cremona joins the show
  • And now in 2017, 371 episodes later………..

In honor of our 10th anniversary we take calls from a lot of well wishers (thank you), we hear from our wives, and talk about our funniest moments.


  • Sheldon called in to remind us that a belt sander can be used for sharpening
  • Steve had some thoughts on clamping squares

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