WT370 – Our Sharpening Setups

On today’s weekend show, we’re talking about our sharpening set ups and what we use to draw blood.

What Are We Talking About

Forrest asked:

Question for the team, or I suppose mainly Marc since he seems to like to overspend on everything 🙂 I’m getting started and picking up a trio of places, I’m getting the Veritas LA block plane, and LA smoother and a LA jack plane. What do you recommend for setting up high quality (expensive is ok) sharpening station? Do I need a grinde? or should I be looking at diamond plates or water stones? What size stones makes life easiest?

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One reply on “WT370 – Our Sharpening Setups”

Main bevel as-is off the grinder? What are we, savages? 🙂

I use my bench for sharpening, too… I have a large silicone mat (it’s made for putting under pet food bowls) that I keep rolled up with my sharpening stuff. It has a lip on it, so any swarf spillage stays on the mat.

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