WT389 – Bob Likes to Make Stuff

On today’s show we’re talking about SketchUp for sissies, moving a shop, blending 3d printing and fine woodworking, and do Matt and Marc feel inferior because the don’t mess with electronics like Bob Clagett?

We are joined today by a guest host, Bob from I Like to Make Stuff!

What’s On the Bench

  • Bob is making a bathrooom light, an auto creeper, and getting ready for a move.
  • Marc is batching out chair parts with the MultiRouter.
  • Matt is making a swing thing.

What’s New

  • James King made an awesome Extreme Bench Vise:


  • Matt has some goofy intros for us.
  • Thor has thoughts on carrying stuff on his person around the shop.


  • Tim wants to know if Bob plans to do another arduino blast gate system in his new shop.
  • Daniel needs some advice on sanding and refinishing.


  • Ashley – “Ok one other question idea. Is Sketchup for sissies? That’s the impression I got recently when taking a class on CNC for Fine Furniture-making. Instructor said don’t waste your time learning Sketchup as it’s too hard to make usable 3D models for CNC (or I’d imagine 3D prints). What’s your experience been? I’m tackling the RhinoCAD learning curve now, what would you recommend to listeners?”
  • Saint Nicster – “Listen to both making it and Woodtalk, I would like to facilitate a dialog about moving since we all like unsolicited advice ;D Bob, any questions or things you would like to publicly bounce off Marc? Marc, any advice or small things forgotten about to publicly pass along to Bob? Selling off tools in current location vs moving them to new location. At the very least, maybe a floor mat vs carpet square in the shop discussion to include David Picciuto :D”
  • Nick – “For Bob – do you envision any projects where you combine 3-D Printing and “Fine” woodworking? Maybe a Queen Anne table with Light Sabers for legs? Or perhaps 3-D print an entire bandsaw mill?”
  • Chris – “On a 3-person podium (bronze, silver, gold) of “Bobs who are synonymous with making things”, where does he rank himself as compared to “Bob the Builder”, and Bob Vila? Sorry – I don’t give softball questions :-)”
  • Page – “Here’s a question for the group. Bob’s something of a mixed-media guru. Matt and Marc, are there any projects you’ve envisioned, but held off on because you lacked a certain skill/capability or it didn’t fit your audience? For Bob, you often like to take on projects that are beyond your skill level, or brand new to you. Are there any fine-woodworking projects you’ve considered but avoided due to difficulty?”

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4 replies on “WT389 – Bob Likes to Make Stuff”

Hi guys,

Thanks for these shows I commute to work everyday for 45 min and spending that time listening to your podcasts makes it bearable.

any way my name is paul, I come from the netherlands and i am a hardware designer by day and a woodwoorker by night.. is see my garage as a workshop except that it has laundry, kids toys and gardentools lying around and just pretending to be as good as you guys with all my second hand tools… no tool in my shop may cost more than 25 euro’s second hand, except the cheap planer / thicnesser i bought for 45 euro… (best deal ever) anyway I’m dutch and as expected I am a cheap ass bastard that can’t pay for the festool stuff or any other big brands so i will make due with what i have! I am not complaining just being jealous of what you all have accomplished!

anyway I have question for shannon

Why is wood in europe so @#$@#$ expensive… I see a lot of 2×4 challenges on youtube these days, and thus see a lot of youtubers all buying 2×4’s for 50cents a piece, well that makes woodworking a bit more fun.. but here a piece of wood like that would cost 4 or 5 euro’s or even more.

same with plywood, a full sheet of standard 18mm plywood is like 50 euro or more.
why is the difference that big with the U.S.

granted I do look at prices of the big boxstores.. so there is a difference with other vendors, but still.. prices are way apart from what you pay.. why is that?

anyway I really like the show and keep doing what you do!

Best regards,

Not sure the prices are all that different, perhaps a bit cheaper, but nothing like the numbers you’re quoting.

Here in the US, 2x4s are about $3, decent sheet of ply is at least $40. The only way someone is getting a 2×4 for 50 cents is if they find someone who is just trying to get rid of them.

On SketchUp is for sissys.

I began using SketchUp years ago as a woodworking teacher. It was free. My students could also get it for home and work on their project in both places. It was easy but fairly powerful in it’s use. It was perfect for my students to use to design their major furniture projects.

Late last year, we bought a MakerBot 3D printer. WE played with Thingyverse to get used to the printer, but were unsure what to use for making designs. Because I am so used to SketchUp, I didn’t want to have to make myself, or my staff, go through a retraining if it wasn’t needed. I designed my own fidget spinner in SketchUp and was able to download a plugin to create the STL file required by the MakerBot. It worked perfectly, so I’m happy.

My next planned purchase is a 3D router. If SketchUp works with that, I’ll be happy.

Yes, it’s not as powerful as some other CAD programs, but if I don’t use or need those features (yet), then I’ll stick to what I know.


Could you not just disassembled the table saw?
If I remember correctly mark in one of his videos from his show on Amazon. Marks movers were moving the table saw into the truck with the extension tale still attached.

I feel like the time taken to at least breaking that down to as small of pieces as possible. Surely you had to adjust all of these things after a move like that.

I know this comment is a few years behind. I started listening a few months ago and I’m listening from latest show to the first.

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