WT403 – Matt Rips Chain

On today’s show we’re talking about Sapele working properties, Veneering Solid wood, 220v extension cords, and ripping chain.

What’s On the Bench

  • Marc is STILL working on his chairs and his son is building spaceships
  • Matt is annoying the internet and changing lives
  • Shannon is playing with SketchUp and considering wood for beginners

What’s New


  • Billy is disappointed in us regarding our track saws discussion
  • Mike is having a moment
  • Marc blatantly ignores Shannon’s advice on sharpening on the workbench
  • Andrew thinks the router is the one tool to have instead of the table saw
  • Tommasso thinks the jointer/planer combo machine is a bad idea because the first face can be flattened with a hand plane.


  • Matt called in with a question about veneer over solid wood

Lumber Industry Update

Sapele and the African Hardwood market are in turmoil as a broker is flooding the market with Sapele at very low prices but with no quality control.


  • Andy wonders if a 220 extension cord can be made safely
  • Nick wonders if a ripping chain is necessary for an Alaskan mill
  • Chris wonders about the working properties of Sapele.

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7 replies on “WT403 – Matt Rips Chain”

About the lumber availability in areas that don’t have decent lumber yards. I got hooked up with a friend that worked steel construction. The dunnage (material used to stop shifting during transport) was typically hardwood, usually red and white oak and occasionally hickory. The wood was a pain to work with but it didn’t have the nails and all the poo that pallets have. Construction sites have other wood sources then just pallets so if your sick of nails look around. The wood sucks but it’s free and it’s still better than box store softwood.

On the last show, Shannon asked were do people get their lumber. I live in Roanoke, VA. We have a Woodcraft ($$$). We have a Wurth Wood group that caters mostly to cabinet shops. Good price, not a huge selection and many boards are planed to 13/16 or 15/16. So if I need thicker wider boards I drive south 2 hours (Steve Wall Lumber) or north 2 hours (Northland lumber). I even planned to go to this place in Maryland, J Gibson Mcllvain, to pickup Utile for a large project but when I called, they said NO RETAIL pick-up! My last excursion for lumber was to Blackdog Salvage warehouse. Stacks of old dusty lumber with little identification, but a possibility. Bottom line, a pain in the butt if I need a good selection of 4/4+ or exotics. Also, if I buy old salvage wood with a finish on it, is it OK to plane the finish off with a helix carbide planner?

In show 403 Marc was talking about sharpening scrapers. When you flatten/polish the sides of a scraper, is that something you only have to do once, like lapping the back of a chisel or plane iron? Or is it something you should redo each time you resharpen the scraper?

The wire you want for extension cords is SOOW wire. It has a very sturdy rubber coating that you can roll a car over without damaging it.


That is true but it is rated for 600 volts and is a bit tough to work with. SJO works as well, is rated for 300 volts and is a bit cheaper. Having said that if you think you are going to really abuse the thing then stick with the SO.

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