WT404 – Kids and the Trades

On today’s weekend show we talk about the future of children entering the trades.

Brodie wrote in to ask about our thoughts on our kids entering the trades:

It was great to have a chance to meet Matt, Marc and Nicole at AWFS. I was kind of hoping to meet Shannon too, but it really is a power tool show. You may have seen John Ratzenberger talk about the need for training and people in the trades and how not everyone may be suited for college. Thoughts on what route your kids will take? The strength of training available?

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Shannon. RN’s are degreed with the bachelor’s degree being the preferred level of education in most cases. I should know . . .my heart stomping, soul sucking, aspiration destroying, crazy-a@#, ex-wife was one.

P.s. I think she was into carpentry . . . she was always talking about hitting me in the back of the head with a claw hammer while I slept.

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