WT431 – The Size of the Vertical Member

On today’s show we’re talking about: tusk tenons, shelf material, helical upgrade worth it?, and 110v 8″ Jointers?!

What’s On the Bench

  • Marc is designing an executive desk and discovering design by committee isn’t fun
  • Matt is finishing up his waterfall tables
  • Shannon is making axe handles

What’s New

  • Come see us at Fine Woodworking Live, meet up Saturday night in the lobby bar.
  • Eagle America is now the sole distributor of Wood Thread Taps


  • Craig has a different opinion on Laguna Bandsaw guides
  • Josh likes the Woodsmith Shop TV show because it makes everything so approachable and he watches it with his son
  • Logan, one of the editors of Woodsmith Magazine (and show host) wrote in to tell us Woodsmith is taking more action on social media now and can be found on YouTube and Twitter


  • Dan is considering a helical head upgrade for his planer
  • Mike wants to know how Shannon cuts his veneer
  • Andrew is looking for tips on quickly making drawers for cabinets

Lumber Industry Update

Reconstituted plywood face veneers are cheaper alternatives to highly expensive rift sawn panels and are indistinguishable from the real thing.
reconstituted veneer


  • William is making a bookcase with adjustable shelves and needs advice on the material to use for them
  • Boz is concerned about getting an 8″ jointer with only 110V power
  • Wade wonders how long a tenon should be made when using tusk tenon joinery

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