WT438 – We Don’t Know Media

On today’s show we’re talking about: keeping cool in the summer shop, wood choice for a baton, Getting into chainsaw milling

What’s On the Bench

  • Marc is stressed working on more than one project
  • Matt held true to his promise to make a slab outfeed table
  • Shannon is splitting logs like Abraham Lincoln

What’s New


  • Andy shares what he hates
  • Randy pointed a fan at his tools to control rust
  • Alex thinks conferences are the next thing and won’t be going anywhere
  • Nick likes using white glue for cutting boards
  • Jeff wants Matt to bath in hand sanitizer while traveling
  • Rob wants us to make sure we experience “cosmic level”


  • Jason is getting hot in his shop and wonders about solutions for cooling the shop that won’t run all the time
  • Matt has many questions about chainsaws and maintenance and upgrading and other manly things that make lots of noise
  • Paul wants to make a conductor’s baton and needs advice on the species

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