WT448 – Don’t Klassen Me Bro

On today’s show we’re talking about: sliding dovetails, the Greg Klassen debacle, drilling 1.5″ holes, and strop maintenance

What’s On the Bench

  • Marc is finishing up his shop storage and organization
  • Shannon got a finishing tent
  • Matt is applying finish to his sideboard

What’s New

  • The River Trademark


  • Brandon mentions The Workshop Review as a honest show for tool reviews
  • Ted likes our tool reviews
  • Bill has made dowels a bunch of ways and spent money on jigs and still finds the best way to be the jig he made himself


  • Matt is losing suction on his ducted dust collection
  • Mike has never used a fence on his miter saw
  • Devin wants to know if Matt Vanderlist was able could he come back on the show
  • Lee has a question about dust and computers in the shop


  • Allen needs help cutting sliding dovetails
  • Matt needs to cut 1.5″ holes in end grain and wonders how
  • Eric wonders if he should clean his strop

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9 replies on “WT448 – Don’t Klassen Me Bro”

He did it to fight Etsy’s domination of the search engines. If you google river table then you’d see that Etsy and it’s sellers dominate the first few pages of results.

ModernMaker podcast has a good segment on this.

You made the comment to the effect that the river tables may have already run its course. That may be why he waited so long. Loosing sales now so he could be trying to prop up his revenue source.

River Tables; the fidget spinners of woodworking trends. Epoxy River Tables; just add LED’s to your fidget spinner!

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