WT456 – The One Where They Quit

On today’s show we’ve got a ton of topics as we play catchup. And we have a very special guest……..

…welcome to the show, The Podfather himself, Matt Vanderlist!!

What’s On the Bench

  • Marc is doing refinishing projects for his family
  • Shannon is failing with Marquetry and working with Chestnut for the first time
  • Matt C built a bandsaw mill in a week
  • Matt V is due for his annual video and built a bed bench

What’s New

Jacob found a craftsman who will make you want to quit woodworking.

Shannon will be attending the Brown Tool Show and Auction at the end of March (29 & 30) in York, PA. Come on out and say hi.


  • Greg bought a top for his bench from a local cabinet shop as his rite of passage project
  • Ted was shocked at how much movement he saw in his composite decking boards

Lumber Industry Update

Talk of the extreme cold killing off the Emerald Ash Borer may be overstated.


  • Mike wants to know what kind of Festool sandpaper we use
  • Shannon asks about wood movement in large case sides and why no breadboard-ish solution is used
  • Eric is building a buffet from Wenge and is looking for structural advice
  • Eddie asks Matt which epoxy to use for certain situations
  • Dan wonders how much one should invest when getting started with hand planes
  • No name wonders if sawing to the line should be done or leaving a bit of room to chisel to is better
  • Matthew asks about the best way to flatten a large end grain log cookie
  • Barry is getting bushing schmutz while turning with a mandrel and wants to avoid transferring it to his lighter wood projects
  • Maron needs help deciphering all the sciency wood finishing jargon

Final Thoughts…Literally

Thanks for everything folks. Its been an amazing 10 years and we could NOT have done it without all of you. Seriously the listener interaction, the inside jokes, and the desire to keep doing the show all came from you, the listeners. Thank you!

62 replies on “WT456 – The One Where They Quit”

Thanks for this last show.
While I am not realy a woodworker but a machinist, I always enjoyed listening to your podcast, I learned a lot and it was always entertaining.

All the best to all of you, thank you!

Wow, this is a very sad day but 100% understand that life changes, new opportunities are presented and life moves on. I’ve enjoyed the last 5 years and wish you guys much success in all of your new endeavours.

Awww. I am really going to miss you guys. It was a great show and you gave us plenty of warning that it was coming to an end. Now Woodtalk will be like Click and Clack (Boston NPR CarTalk), The Three Stoges and other famous teams – living on through reruns except all three of you are still alive! Thanks again.

Is there a way to get access to the extra shows now that the patreon is/will come down? I didn’t sign up before, but don’t want to miss them forever. This was my favorite show.

It is with a heavy heart I read this posting. This podcast has been around since I started woodworking as a hobby. All four of you have helped me and so many other people in so many ways, not just in woodworking but in connecting with and appreciating others as people. You’ve shared everything, and it has been educational, entertaining, and always uplifting. No where else will I find an SNL-meets-Sesame Street-in-a-woodshop combo like this.
Be well, and God bless y’all.

Crushed by the end of Woodtalk. I started at episode one when I started woodworking, caught up on the backlog, and have been following every episode since. I will miss you in my earholes while I am in the shop. Thanks for the great content.

Thanks guys for all the years…
I knew you guys were something special when I had not cut a board in over three years, but still did not miss a show. My obsession switched from woodworking to photography after I had built all the things I wanted… (I thought the clean up was going to be easier with photography, but I ended up being wrong.)
I made a website and tried to pass on any tips I had learned to other photographers in the spirit of the Woodtalk guys.
Then I took every photo I wanted to take, and took the plunge, bought a CNC and a few 3D printers and am more of a maker now.
Good luck in all your future endeavors!

Sorry to say I’m late the the game – I’ve only caught on to the podcast since last summer – which I’ve greatly enjoyed. Hopefully I’ll be able to catch up for awhile on back-episodes!

All that said, congrats on an incredible achievement of 10+ years! I will continue to follow everyone as individuals, and look forward to great content yet to come.

Well, I wish you weren’t quitting, but I guess I understand why you did. You have to do what’s right for your lives, and we have no right to hold your decision against you. Seriously, best of luck and of course I’ll continue to follow you all and learn from all of you in all your various woodworking/making endeavors, and hopefully meet in person from time to time as I’ve been able to do with two of you so far.

That being said, you guys are jerks.


love you Matt!

I started listening to Wood Talk last year, around the time I really started getting into woodworking. I kept up with the new episodes, but now have about eight years (!!!) of backlog episodes to work through. It’s been a lot of fun to be along for the ride for the past year, but I also wanted to say thank you for the years of episodes for me to listen to after it’s over. I’m grateful you stuck through it so long, and for all the work the four of you put into it. Great to hear from Matt V. again. All the best.

To paraphrase Gus from Lonesome Dove: It’s been one hell of a party.

Thanks for all the work you boys did on this…you will be missed.

Via con Dios Amigos.

Best of luck and appreciate the time and effort you put forward. We all knew it was over once Matt starting welding. The one true thing we all take away is the way you made us all feel like we were listening to our friends do a podcast not some random crap-talk. Thanks.

Even though we could feel this one coming (4 month hiatus kinda made it inevitable), it’s still rough to see something that made your workday bearable finally come to an end. The four of you have all had an impact on my woodworking. I’m a member of both the Hand Tool School and TWW Guild and I do take some solace in the fact that I can follow you all on your own… though my workday will still be lesser without WoodTalk in it!

Thanks for all the memories!

WT was the reason I started listening to pods! What a great, humorous, and occasionally off-color show with a variety of experience levels. Best of luck to your new adventures. Keep making dust!

Would any of your casts be on “tape” so we could hear them again or got first time those of us late to hear them live. Like old reruns of CarTalk …

Darn, going to miss listening to you guys! The three (four) of you had a great chemistry and played off each others personalities well. It was a very entertaining run. I do understand the need to balance life and work priorities with limited time. That said, you will be missed, amigos! I sincerely thank you for the info you shared and all the years of the work which went into the show.

Bummer guys. I just found your podcast last week and have been waiting for you to come back. I have so many questions. I will always have past to listen to. You guys had a great show and will be missed.

Not since Johnny Carson quit have I felt so alone. From here on this will be known as The Day Woodworking Died.

Thanks for the great show! We will miss it.

My initial response texted to my wife with a snapshot of your announcement was, “NOOOOO!” You all have been great over these many years! You have bumped up our game out here for us that are tied to that thing that takes us out of our shops, what’s it called…oh ya, Jobs. You have been my saving grace for countless hours of windshield time! Thank you thank you thank you! Well done and happy wooden trails!

This is the worst news I got all week. And my wife’s grandmother died yesterday. Still, thanks for all the years of entertainment. Loved the show and hate to see it go. I wish all the best for you four.

HA! THANKS for getting to my question! Once I saw this was your last episode I thought for sure you guys wouldn’t have gotten to it. Appreciate your response. Also feel kinda honored I got to be on the last episode! :-). This has been my favorite podcast for so long. Will miss you guys!

Hey guys, this is Alex, I’m the guy who didn’t listen to you for your media expertise (we don’t know media 4 June 2018). I was still not listening to you for your media expertise but now I will also not be listening to your woodworking expertise .

I started listening around episode 80 or so as I was looking for additional woodworking content online. You guys were the only quality game in town (well, online) and to be honest, I thought this show was a lower quality version of your respective individual content. I quickly realized that wood talk was its own thing and started enjoying equally as your respective individual content.

Nevertheless, thank you for 450+ episodes of awesomeness and I am only saddened that I never called with my French Canadian accent to give you crap about Shannon’s lack of media expertise (and some relevant kickback or question). Hoping for a reunion show at some point in the future!


First there is NO football to watch..
Now your telling me that Woodtalk has gone away…..
What’s next, Starbucks and Amazon going out of business!??
You will be missed…..

Thanks for…. quitting??.. too soon?

Really sad to hear you guys ending the show. I haven’t listened to the show yet because my app is ASS and says the RSS feed is broken. But nothing compared to my heart and ears will be for missing all y’all sweet sweet voices. HAHA. I really wish you the best in your life. And thank you for the years of laughter and knowledge that I hope some day I get to use when I can actually do wood working.

I have a WoodTalk t-shirt that’s worthless now – just worthless!

In all seriousness, thanks for the years of podcasts. You had your ups and downs. All those memories of Tom’s Tips, Router Bit of the Month, that woman whose name I can’t remember, but who has an unforgettable voice.

Thanks for it all!

Well I was caught up at least. I’ve had a year of listening to current episodes. Thanks for the hours of listening and information.

That’s a very sad day… understandable but still sad. I’ve been listening to the podcast since the first episode, I will for sure miss you guys.
Btw: What a last show with you 4 together! What a synergy! One of the best shows ever! other than the last 15min.

Thanks for your time an commitment.
Love you guys!

It was a sad day to realize it was really over. I honestly did not think we would get to this point, I always look forward to the next episode showing up in my feed. Hopefully you guys can at least pull together some quarterly content as Mark has suggested. This show is too good to have a definitive ending. Thank you for all of the past shows, just sad to see this go.

Well all good things do come to an end. When I saw the title and then heard Vanderlist was was on the show, I knew this was it and I got a little teary-eyed. Thank you guys soooooo much for the laughs, stories and really good advice for AP many years. You kept me sane for many morning train rides to work and back home again, and like others, Woodtalk was my first podcast, and I will greatly miss my weekly dose of it. Thanks to you all!

I waited as long as I could stand to listen. I felt if I didn’t listen it really wasn’t over. I watch all 4 of yall on you tube and can’t wait for new content. This podcast is always on in my shop on Saturday morning if not a new episode one from the arcives. The way you guys banter one another was like a bunch on buddies working along side of me in the shop. I will miss it more than you could imagine but I understand why it is ending. Will be waiting for the next podcast. Thanks for the years of entertainment it will be missed!!

About damn time you guys gave up! I always knew you were a bunch of panty waste quiters! Now drop and give me 20, ladies! Guess I will just have to listen to that damn knitting show now to get my fix! 10 years? That aint nothin! Bet ya cant do 10 more! I dare ya, i double dare ya, i double dog dare ya!

Thanks for not… well, nevermind. Thanks for nothing.

All jokes aside, it’s been great listening. Wish you three the best and will try to keep up with all three of you.

Hey Marc, Matt, Matt, and Shannon,

You’ve entertained and taught us for a very long time. Wood Talk became a staple of my weekly podcast listening, especially recently with my long monthly commute to Brooklyn, NY.

Will most definitely miss this show and it’s insights, chuckles/chortles, and snark. But…. time marches on, things change, and we must all adapt. Sniff sniff (insert tear drop here)…….

See you all on your respective websites/social media !

And thanks for quitting in a really professional way….

I think I have been listening since the begining… really going to miss you guys. I too cried when Cremona started balling like the little hairy baby that he is….thanks for all the years and virtual company…hope to see you guys in the future some way some how….peace

I found from my own experience once you quit a job even if you change your mind and stay you will soon leave in the end You have proven my point guys! Enjoyed the show while cutting my lawn and in the shop and glad I haven’t heard them all yet. Mark I will see you at “Wood Whisperer”. Best wishes!

I’ll join the others and say, that I’d love to have all the episodes (and maybe a few extras) on a thumb drive. I can’t be the only one who would pay at least $20. Hell, I’d pay $50 if it included a booklet with behind the scenes tell-all biographies, interviews with the roadies, photos of the after show drug crazed parties, back stage pass replicas, etc. Everything we need to capture the sights, the sounds… the smells of a hard-working rock band, on the road. That way in 10 years when you guys get together for the reunion tour because you’ve become an overnight surprise sensation in Japan, I can sell it on eBay for as a collectors item at a ridiculous profit. No wait, that’s Spinal Tap. Anyway you get the point.

I can’t say that I’ve been listening since the very beginning, but at least the last 7-8 years. I’m going to miss the podcast, but will still keep up with what you are all doing individually. There’s a ton of other woodworking podcasts these days and I have tried them all, but you guys have always been the best. Best of luck to you.

Since 2007, you have been doing great work. It’s been 12 years and so great to know you invite great people. I love when you people laugh. Woodworking is difficult, I think, it’s a creative art and people who do it are amazing. I don’t consider myself a great woodworker just yet, specially when I hear you people about your refinishing projects!

Thank you Marc, Matt, Matt, & Shannon
You have made an incredible impact on the woodworking community, one that will last for years to come.
I’m proud to have been here for it. THANK YOU!

knit one purl two,
knit one purl two,
knit one purl two,
knit one purl two,

Man, this is going to get old.

Well gentlemen, it has been a great show. Thank you for doing this as long as you have. I have learned a lot from you. Good luck in your future endeavors. Can’t wait for the reunion tour.

I’ve purchased the USB stick with the show when it was put on sale. Is there somewhere a package I could download to update it with all the podcast episodes that were aired since the stick was snapshotted?

Thanks for all the great episodes guys. I am sad to see you leave but I understand that after 10 years it’s been enough.

Thanks from the Netherlands.

I spent years catching up with all the shows and then you quit. Enjoyed all of it, thanks. Figured I would go listen to Shoptalk live and after listening to all of you for so long they are just a complete bore. Any other suggestions for woodworking podcasts?

I listened to this episode when it was Aires, but I still refreshes my feed on this show hoping to discover newly released episodes and that the quitting thing was just a joke on your side or some kind of bad dream on my side.

Darn! Sorry you have stopped. Your pod casts were my favorite diversion when traveling by air as I could pop in my ear buds in the airport and the time would fly, even if the airplane did not! And when traveling on the interstate, just the threat of playing a Woodtalk podcast was usually enough to get my wife back in line.

I guess I will have to look for some good quilting podcasts, as my sister assures me they are out there. Perhaps with Shannon, Mary and Martha…


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