WT461 – Build Your First Table

On today’s show we’re talking about building your first table, tools you should never buy used, and how to get those pesky feed rollers working properly.

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Building Your First Table

Greg wrote in asking about how to go about building his first table.

  • Start with an example (google image search) and have the customer show you something they like.
  • Reverse engineer it but try to keep it simple. Consider buying a plan to take the pressure off of dimensions.
  • A table usually consists of three parts: Top, Aprons, Legs
  • The top is just a big panel, so be sure to brush up on your panel making skills. Good flat boards with 90 edges.
  • The only real joinery to worry about is where the legs meet the aprons. Consider the options based on your tools and skills.
  • Consider writing out the build process, especially any area that confuses you or is new
  • Finish options? What will likely set you up for success?

Voicemails & Emails

    • Brian’s planer isn’t pulling its weight.
    • Andrew wonders what tool (powered or not) would you never buy used and what tool would you never buy an off-brand or from a big-box store?
    • Tommasso asks if we will be attending any shows this year
    • Robert asks when would you used hide glue over something like titebond?

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Social Media Homework

This week post pictures of your first table (or one you built recently) and any tips you might give to someone wanting to build their first table. Tag us (@woodtalkshow) and use the hashtag #woodtalk461

4 replies on “WT461 – Build Your First Table”

I don’t think it would come off as too much of a cash grab to have mentioned the several dining table options that are Guild projects. Someone listening to how to potentially build their first table, very well may be a newer listener and not know about those. Especially as a way to combat the 4930280 results on pintrest where you could spend 6 months just trying to figure out what style of table to make, thorough instructions for a limited set of options might be an amazing find.

Thanks guys for taking my question and giving me such great information in return. I have been listening to all of the old episode and it just makes me want to build and play. You guys are a wealth of knowledge. Thank you for all the years you have put in, keep it up.

I had the same issue with the Dewalt planer rollers not “pulling” the wood through. New knives, wax, etc. Nothing worked. I found one broken sprocket after I took everything apart. Replaced it for about $8 and it worked like a dream again.

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