WT460 – Rehydrated Toast

Our Triumphant Return

On today’s show we’re talking about our 2020 goals, what we’ve been up to, and the fact that the WE’RE BACK BABY!! On the anniversary of us quitting, we’re happy to announce that the show is back to a regular schedule thanks to Rockler. In fact if you use the code “woodtalk” at checkout you can get free shipping on most orders.

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What’s on the Bench?

Internet Sucky Stuff

Marc’s experience being a “novice” and getting conflicting advice.

Main Topic:

Our goals for 2020, this is almost like a New Years show.

  • Marc – Try some new things like steam bending and CNC.
  • Shannon – Integrate marquetry into a furniture project.
  • Matt – Be more like Marc, and work less.

Voicemails & Emails

  • OrgMyShop asks “What’s you favorite new hand tool since the last show?”

Contact Info:

Send in your questions at woodtalkshow.com or hit us up on Instagram at woodtalkshow or send us a voicemail using the voice memo app on your phone at woodtalkshow@gmail.com

Finally you can find us individually on Instagram at mattcremona, woodwhisperer, and renaissancewoodworker

8 replies on “WT460 – Rehydrated Toast”

Let the battle for wood working podcasts begin! You have 1 year to beat the pants off ShopTalk live and retake your championship belt! Que the “Eye of the Tiger”……. plus with the news of Shannon and these triathlon’s….looks like Ben and the crew have some work to do over there! Glad to see you guys are back and look forward to it all – thanks for all you guys do.

I just listened to this podcast and Mark was talking about steam bending and the problems he had. I had never steam bent wood, but I just watched a interesting You Tube video by a gentleman who has a coach building shop. He explains some of the problems with steam bending and shows how to eliminate them.
His You Tube channel and the name of this episode is:
Engles coach shop
The episode is: Steam bending wood 1″ thick kiln dried Ash.
Take a look and I think you’ll find the answers to some of the problems you had. Good luck!
By the way, great podcast!

Hi Guys, I have been eagerly waiting to listen but can’t access the new episode via iTunes. I keep getting an error message. I tried deleting the podcast and then downloading the episode again several times but no luck. Thanks for all your great content.

Sorry about that patty. I think there’s something going on on Apple’s end. I have heard a few reports of download issues from other people so you’re not alone, but the problem doesn’t happen for everyone. I tried using the podcast app myself on my iPhone and the episode downloads without issue. So hopefully this will just clear up on its own.

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