WT471 – Backsaw Boys

It’s show #471 For May 20th, 2020, and today we are talking about work holding. Vises, holdfasts, clamps and whatever else you use to hold stuff while you work on it.

  • They have vises for your workbench. Including the Heavy Duty Quick Release Front Vise which is on sale for $60 off.
  • They have all the clamps! Including parallel clamps, pipe clamps, bar clamps, f-style clamps, corner clamps, specialty clamps and more. Lots of clamps are on sale in May including pipe clamps, f-style clamps, wooden handscrew clamps, and our drawer front installation clamps.
  • They have Bench Cookie work grippers – High-friction rubber pads hold your project rock-steady while sawing, sanding, or routing without the use of clamps. Plus they include a threaded insert for adding a variety of accessories, that elevate your work and provide plenty of clearance for all your project needs. A 4 pack of bench cookies is on sale for $7.99 this month

Just go to Rockler.com to find these and many more products.

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Work Holding

So many ways both old and new to hold our projects in place while we work both with hand and power tools. We discuss what we most like to use and what work holding we employ at our own benches. Plus wooden screw clamp tricks.


  • Dan shared an outdoor workbench solution
  • Chris writes back in regarding his resawing question
  • Todd asks about manufacturers of frame resaw hardware

Voicemail and Email

  • Paul has a shooting board question
  • Drew asks about our favorite woods
  • Joey has thoughts on organization and climate control
  • Dan needs help with his twisted workbench top

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Social Media Homework

Got a woodworking boy band name? How about some cool work holding ideas. Show us your work holding or your photoshopped boy band pictures and use the hashtag: #woodtalk471.

4 replies on “WT471 – Backsaw Boys”

Boy band names for woodworking;
Boys With Wood, The Woody’s, and my favorite hard rock band name: h Hammering wood.

Band Names
Oldschool 50’s one-hit-wonder: Dusty and the Chips with their hit “Sawdust in your Eyes”
Folk guitar soloist: Plumbob Dylan with his tune “Lathe, Lady, Lathe”
Surf-rock style group: The Bench Planes with “In the Curl”

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