WT470 – Talk Like a Pirate

It’s show #470 For May 13th, 2020, and today we explore the wonder that is cutting boards. I scream, you scream, please stop screaming about cutting boards!!

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What’s on the Bench

  • Marc built a Big Green Egg Table
  • Shannon made a 3 way miter joint
  • Matt “Chairmona” is launching a chair kit empire

Lumber Update

Boutique sawmills and urban loggers are taking a big slice of market share from the traditional sawmills who cannot operate efficiently during the COVID pandemic. Shannon wants to hear your nominations for urban loggers to talk to on the Lumber Update podcast.

Cutting Boards

Why are cutting boards so popular??

  • Woods to use/avoid?
  • Glue to Use?
  • Wood movement issues?
  • Finishes and Maintenance
  • The Bacteria question


  • Kevin tells us about life with COVID
  • Uriah brings out the pirate in us with boat finishing routines
  • Bas and Zev both share news about exterior finishes. One bad, one good

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Social Media Homework

Show us your proudest cutting board. Freshly made or after accidentally putting it through the dishwasher and use the hashtag: #woodtalk470.

4 replies on “WT470 – Talk Like a Pirate”

“Tried and True” sells three types of polymerized oil:
1) Varnish Oil
2) Original Wood Finish (says it’s “food safe”)
3) Danish Oil (says it’s “food safe”)
Which do you recommend for cutting boards?
Thanks for keeping us company during the quarantine.
Jamie Orr

Glad to see Mark’s reply that they are mostly the same because I just got a gallon of Danish oil at Woodcraft for $50, while a gallon of the varnish is $70. (Funny that the Danish was also $70 on amazon so it was a rare “cheaper at woodcraft” moment.


I made a cutting-board out of red oak, let’s say 5 years ago, and it gets daily use…. except for cleaning this I do maybe once a month? No pores are filled, i coated it with mineral oil when I made it and maybe once or twice since. I cut chicken (but not often), and other meats, bread and vegetables. Cut vegetables have been on so long that moult grew on them and the board.

The only scary thing i have not done to this board is put it in the dishwasher.

I intentionally did almost all the wrong things to get some practical experience I two had the cutting board business dream and wanted to know if the Internet warnings had any merit. And well.. I’m still alive! I have not gotten sick, no food poisoning or anything.

I did all these stupid stuff because i two had the cutting-board business dream and wanted some practical experience. The Internet is full of warnings but very few scientific research.

My experience is no more then that, my experience. It dose not prove anything. (This post might even add to the on line confusion ;).

Actual reacher on bacterial growth would be very interesting, there might be something to these antibacterial property’s!

As for cupping boards. My board has 3/8” rubber feet under it. At some point in its live it cupped so bade that it lifted off its feet. To fix it, and prevent cupping, I now wet both sides when cleaning it. (and wetting is anything from a little brushing to putting it in a water filled sink and drying it with a rag).

Love the show, miss the quitting day’s,

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