WT474 – Willy Wonka Rockler Death Trap

It’s show #474 For June 16th, 2020, and today we are talking Mortise and Tenon joinery

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  • You can make loose mortise and tenons using Rockler’s Beadlock system. All you need is the jig and a drill. They offer a starter kit and a pro kit.
  • How about that woodworking classic? Pocket holes! Rockler’s Pock-it Hole Clamp with a Quick Release features a unique design that inserts a built-in adjustable pin into a 3/8″ x 15° pocket hole, giving you perfect alignment every time. Rockler also sells Kreg jigs.
  • Dowels – Rockler’s Doweling Jigs are an incredibly affordable line for those who want a quick joint without the fussy layout. Their no-nonsense doweling jigs deliver strong joints in very little time.

Mortise and Tenon Joinery

We talk through how we prefer to cut mortise and tenon joinery and what variations we like to use. Also twin and double tenons, loose tenons vs integral tenons, and how we fit and refine our mortis and tenons. Thanks to Joe and Ivar for your mortise and tenon questions.

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One reply on “WT474 – Willy Wonka Rockler Death Trap”

Regarding tenoning jigs, it was Norm who got me using one and I still love it. NO BLADE CHANGE MARC (especially useful on the Sawstop) and it is easy to sneak up on the fit by putting a piece of paper between the workpiece and the jig.

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