WT478 – I Meant To Do That

It’s show #478 For July 22nd, 2020, and today we are talking about joinery mistakes.

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Sean and Trevor both have suggestions for a cheap alternative to Marc’s fancy bench matt. A yoga matt or this silicon crafter’s matt.

Joinery Mistakes

We all make joinery mistakes and the guys talk about their most boneheaded joinery mistakes and how they fixed them. Plus they talk about some pretty common joinery issues like:

  • Tenon too small or too large
  • Gappy joints
  • Inconsistent dado/groove depth
  • Sliding dovetail too tight

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One thing i’ve done to counter ill fiting miters or tenon shoulders is to back bevel them. Paring a tenon shoulder down towards the tenon or shaving the back side of a miter a degree or two helps the faces to make contact

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