WT477 – Shannon’s Ziplock Bag of Cocaine

It’s show #477 For July 15th, 2020, and today we are talking about finishing mistakes and fixing them.

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What’s On the Bench

  • Marc is making a sandbox for his daughter
  • Matt has launched his chair kit line and moving on to more waterfall tables
  • Shannon is building an entry bench that looks complex but uses simple hand tool techniques


Ross suggests FreeCADweb.org as an alternative to Sketchup. Its free and similar to Fusion 360. Check it out at www.freecadweb.org

Finishing Mistakes

Each of us has had our share of major finishing screw ups and we discuss our worst and how we fixed it. Plus we discuss some common finishing mistakes like:

  • Rushing – Applying topcoat too soon after staining or applying subsequent coats too soon.
  • Not sanding between coats or sanding too much between coats
  • Not raising the grain when using water-based finishes.
  • Applying “wipe-off” finishes in too thick of a layer and not wiping off excess
  • Applying fast-drying (evaporative) finishes by hand when spraying is ideal
  • Trying too hard to make cheap wood what it ain’t.
  • Adding color without consideration for blotching

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One reply on “WT477 – Shannon’s Ziplock Bag of Cocaine”

I think I can add one to the list. I am in the process of spraying a bookcase with milk paint in <30% humidity. I'm a noob to both GF milkpaint and to spraying. My first attempt left a sandy textured finish. Best I can tell, I should have used GF's extender, as my paint is drying too much before it hits the wood.

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