WT484 – Wiener Dreams

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It’s show #484 for September 15th, 2020, and today we are talking about what you do after you have your design.

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Design, Check. Now What?

You’ve settled on a design. Now what? Do we jump in and start building, or do we start making lists/steps/schedule? What will your build process be and where can you get into trouble if you do a step out of order? Any new tools needed? Do you have the hardware you need? What about buying lumber? How do you determine which parts comes from which boards or for that matter how many boards you need in the first place.

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One reply on “WT484 – Wiener Dreams”

I have not listened to this episode yet. I would just like to say I’m really happy you did not change the titles to boring, obvious, normal, descriptive titles. One of the charms of this show is reading the title then guessing the reference. Sometimes it’s obvious with the subtitle- “Pinch that thing” – clamping strategies. Mostly, they’re like this week- Wiener Dreams?!? WTF?! I cannot wait to listen to the show just to find out 🙂

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