WT485 – Marc Likes a Sticky Shaft

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It’s show #485 for September 23rd, 2020, and today we doing a Q&A show to clean out our inbox.

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Voicemails & Emails

  • Greg wants to dry his wood in the microwave
  • Jackson is a 13 year old woodworker looking for advice on project that sell well at shows. Rockler Project Ideas
  • Ben wants to know at what thickness veneer starts to act like solid wood when it comes to movement.
  • Andrew wonders if he should strip to bark before sawing a log into lumber or stacking to dry.
  • Matt asks about a good, durable finish for wooden puzzles.
  • Jason needs a rust prevention solution for his holdfasts. Boeshield T9
  • Cliff asks if melamine is a good workbench top solution.
  • Nigel asks Shannon if he still has a need for a sander when using only hand tools to prepare for finishing.

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Wood turners use the microwave all the time. You weigh the piece before you start. Microwave for 30 seconds, take out and let cool. Weigh again. Continue process until weight has stabilized.

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