WT494 – Silicone Hoochies

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It’s show #494 for January 20th, 2021. On today’s show we’re catching up with each other after a long break. So it’s a giant What’s on the Bench segment.

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    • We are sad to see the passing of two woodworking legends, Phil Lowe and Norton Rockler
    • Please say hello to our social media helper Margaret
    • The Morley Lounge Chair project is on sale, get it now!

What’s On the Bench

      • Marc just had his epoxy floors done in the shop and he and Matt compare all the conflicting advice from the internet
      • Shannon remodeled his basement and gained more space in his shop for activities!
      • Marc is messing with LED light strips on a desk and loving the easy epoxy clean up with one of the Rockler silicone glue mats
      • Matt is setting up his shop and figuring out tool storage and lights
      • Marc installed some Radon mitigation measures in his shop
      • Matt is still shipping chair kits
      • Shannon’s stupid connection dropped so he didn’t get to talk about his standing desk project

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4 replies on “WT494 – Silicone Hoochies”

On Shannons comments on 7/16 type measurements. I think he also mentioned its a Fine Woodworking plan. I think that may be the link. In the book “The How and Why of Woodworking” Mike Pekovich talks about how he likes to design and work in 1/16ths. So maybe that carried over to his friends at FWW.

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