WT498 – Better to Be Smooth

It’s show #498. On today’s show we’re talking about paralysis by analysis, the best way to learn woodworking, new vs vintage hand tools, and tool maintenance schedules. Also now featuring your funny captions

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What’s On the Bench

  • Marc hired a full time editor then broke his Festool Sander doing a head to head with the Mirka
  • Matt is almost moved out of his old shop
  • Shannon made a few hours worth of jigs for a 10 minute project

Caption This

We posted this picture on our Instagram account from Fine Woodworking Live and asked for you to caption it:
WoodTalk at Fine Woodworking Live

  • Fred_Mcintyre: “Here comes the choo choo!”
  • Arronolson: Marc trying everything to cure Matt of the giggles.
  • J.D.Messick: I could feed my friends too if I had a spoon like that!
  • Conklin.jeremy: These edibles ain’t shit…..ten minutes later.
  • Brando_1155: I’ll feed you baby bird
  • Matt_buntyn: Eat up, and one day you’ll be big and strong like Shannon!
  • Sebrin_wood_works – The moment Shannon decided to get a Peloton.

Emails and Voicemails

  • Steven sent us a voicemail about bandsaw metal breakage and thinks Shannon is right
  • Jeff is trying to avoid analysis paralysis and asks how to get started
  • Marie wants to learn woodworking basics but is unsure the best way to do it
  • Andy likes hand tools but wonders whether it is best to start with new tools or vintage tools and restore them.
  • Viktoria is curious about the maintenance schedules we follow for our tools

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Light years and parsecs are both measures of distance. Solo’s line was botched in the New Hope script.

As far as learning, find a teacher you believe in and learn from them. Pick someone whose sensibilities work with yours and learn.

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