WT499 -Matt’s Curvy Chest and Cockbead

It’s show #499. On today’s show, we’re talking about why woodworkers hate IKEA, MDF for a bench top, choosing a grinder, and bandsaw capacity vs quality. Also featuring your dumb questions!

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What’s On the Bench

  • Marc is designing a potato and onion bin with bins and doors for his mom
  • Matt is making cockbead. Need we say more?
  • Shannon has Cherry Cherry everywhere but not a stick to build with

Your Dumb Questions

  • Jackman: By body weight, what percentage of Cremona is hair?
  • Zacswoodstudio: What is wood? Please only Shannon is allowed to answer.
  • SocalCheez: Why doesn’t Shannon have a project in the Guild?
  • Moxie_rising- What is the best axe to use when copping ebony boards for firewood?
  • Zasims: What happened to matt to make him such a jerk? Follow up question: Is there any hope for Matt?
  • Matt Scranton: Why are they called hand planes if they don’t fly?
  • Capyk6 – How much is too much to try and use the planer to remove? At what point do you resaw vs plane down to your final thickness?

Emails and Voicemails

  • Hans asks why woodworkers hate IKEA furniture
  • Steve is using MDF for his workbench top and asks why not?
  • Ehsan wants a grinder and is trying to decide wet grinder, slow grinder, or monkey with a stone?
  • Ryan is trying to decide between two bandsaws and wonders about capacity.

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One reply on “WT499 -Matt’s Curvy Chest and Cockbead”

The plane or resaw question. Depends on species. If it goes in the smoker I resaw. If not plane. When in doubt firewood.

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