WT459 – Feed the Ashley

What’s On the Bench

  • Marc is cruising through projects thanks to Jason’s help. He has a new pocket knife fetish. Ashley is in his garage.
  • Shannon is playing with epoxy pore filling.
  • Matt is working on a new trailer and some spice box business. 

What’s New

Lumber Industry Update

Why are slabs so pricey?!


  • Andrew – Dovetails – How long did it take us to get good?
  • Chris – Prefinishing – Does it weaken joints. Should you or shouldn’t you.


2 replies on “WT459 – Feed the Ashley”

In the market for a 6” jointer. Currently on episode 35 of wood talk, and have listened to newer episodes, and remember hearing one about reading reviews. I’m looking at the Jet JJ-6CSDX, 6″ Deluxe Jointer. My question is, where do you go to look for reviews past the “came packaged great, assembly was a breeze!” review. I want to know if it’s worth me buying/paying the shipping. Due to living in Alaska, shipping is usually $500+ on any machine, so I want to make sure I won’t be disappointed with my purchase. Any help, opinions, suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, and thank you for the background noise when I’m out in my shop making sawdust

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