502 – Fueled by Hoochie

It’s show #502. Today we’re talking about replaceable saw blades, beadlock, thingamabobs, sawdust allergies, and drying wood cookies.

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What’s On the Bench

  • Marc is in a pantry slump so he is listening to podcasts on Overcast
  • Matt is working on a backlog of videos and editing away.
  • Shannon is burning scraps and angering people, but also splitting logs


Stephen and Brian both have some thoughts on lathe with a headstock on the right instead of left

  • a chuck could unscrew itself with opposite rotation
  • its possible as some lathes allow for outboard turning
  • drill bits mounted in the tailstock wouldn’t work
  • some spur centers would unmount with opposite rotation

Emails and Voicemails

  • Vicky is experiencing a sawdust allergy
  • Steve asks what we thinkg about the Beadlock joinery approach for loose tenons
  • Aaron wonders why there are no replaceable blade western saws like we find with Japanese saws
  • Luke wants to know the best way to dry cookies cut from a log
  • Matt wants to know what a “dealy wrecker” is because Marc says it all the time in earlier episodes.

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2 replies on “502 – Fueled by Hoochie”

Shannon mentioned the hype guy, a boxing ring announcer…
Marc has the perfect voice! Go to the video where he invented the cutting board, it is right there!!
“Let’s get ready to build a ,,, Cutting BOARDDDD”

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