509 – We’re Retiring

It’s show #509. On today’s show, we’re talking finishing with AC in the shop and…our retirement.

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Emails and Voicemails

  • Neil is having issues with his shop AC and finishing projects.
  • John is getting bubbles on his polyurethane finish.
  • Tim wants to know how we plan to retire.

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5 replies on “509 – We’re Retiring”

Holy Cats. What is going on with the way Shannon is mic’d. Every inhalation is SUPER LOUD.

Is he using a headset mic that is positioned strangely? Is there a compressor/limiter on his channel that is crushing the signal and causing the inhalations to be so loud?

Love the show, I listen religiously, but please fix that.

Great show. Please don’t retire (quit) and for gods sake DON’T take up knitting.

Regarding Neil’s HVAC Question. The short answer is to have a collapsible finishing station. 1″X3″ frame walls covered in good old plastic sheeting with some venting to the outside of the garage. Even if it is a High CFM Bathroom fan unit. Just vacate the fumes from finishing to the outdoors is cheap insurance from igniting said fumes with a wall unit that maybe gas heat for winter.

It seemed to me like Neil’s question was skirting around whether or not when finishing with petroleum based products that would put his shop between the UEL and LEL, in other words, within the explosive limits, and whether he needed to worry his heater or AC would cause an explosion. If that is the case, Neil can rest assured that he’ll most certainly die from oxygen displacement long before the LEL is reached, and if somehow he doesn’t, nearly everything in that shop from the fan to the light switch is there to ignite the room.

Gentlemen, and Marc…

I heard you guys talking about the new Olathe Rockler store in this one. I’d been wanting to visit a Rockler store for a while now so it was a really nice surprise to find out a Rockler store is visiting me! I happen to live right down the street from it, it’s nice!

Oh, and Shannon, yes Garmin is headquartered in Olathe (pronounced: oh lay the) I just so happen to work there. I’ll trade you my discount on fitness devices if you trade me some nice pieces of walnut. 😉

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