511 – Nature is Dumb

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It’s show #511. On today’s show, we’re talking about micro bevels, cross cut sleds vs miter gauges, veneer glue that won’t kill you….I think, and how much work do to on used tools.

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Kickback & News

  • Phillip Morley bar stool is open for pre-orders in The Guild
  • Shane sent us a clip of some lovely Matt Vanderlist router instruction in a Milescraft video
  • Andy had some fundamental shop rules to share
  • Margaret urges everyone to stop making jokes about combusting rags in the shop

Emails and Voicemails

  • Margaret has sticky knitting needles from her lightening fast knitting speeds
  • A random person on IG asked how far we take old tool restoration
  • Chris asks for advice on choosing a glue for bent lamination
  • Matt submits 2 dumb questions:
    • Why use a crosscut sled vs a miter gauge and vice versa
    • Do you run through the grits when touching up micro bevels or just start with the highest grit

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