514 – Proud to be Wiener Woodworkers

It’s show #514. On today’s show, we’re talking about wooden moulding planes, how to improve a raw linseed oil finish, Trapezoid case mitered angles

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What’s On the Bench

  • Marc is gearing up for a miter gauge shootout
  • Matt has the foundation done for his new home addition
  • Shannon just begun a guided small cohort format for The Hand Tool School Semester 1


Emails and Voicemails

  • James is looking for advice on a finish to use with raw linseed oil
  • Richard wants to try hand sticking mouldings without breaking the bank on new Hollows & Rounds Planes
  • Philip is building a Midcentury style piece and looking for help with the wide miter joinery

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One reply on “514 – Proud to be Wiener Woodworkers”

Hello Marc
Re Mitre/miter gauge shoot out
Is the “HONGDUI HD-TB01 Precision Miter Gauge 0-70 Degree Woodworking Table Saw Push Handle 70 Angles Assembly Angle Ruler with Quick 0° 22.5° 45° 67.5° Setting”
on your testing list? Looks like it maybe a good one to try, sold on banggood.com. One -ve it does not come with a fence ie you have to get one elsewhere, I have seen youtube channel ‘Hooked on wood” use it with the Incra fence. I’m not connected with these companies. Good luck with testing.

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