516 – C Channel is a Waste of Time

It’s show #515. On today’s show, we’re talking about using a router to make a round table top, C-channel for table tops, EnduroVar II, and Stabilizing punky wood

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What’s On the Bench

  • Marc built a project and didn’t film it and played with his Rockler Material Mate Cart
  • Matt finished up the Serpentine Chest
  • Shannon is designing a chest to keep all his sweaty workout stuff

News and Kickback

The Hand Tool School

Emails and Voicemails

c channel

  • Chris wants to make bookends from really punky Buckeye
  • Allen wants our opinion on using C Channel in a table top build
  • Chris needs help routing out a circular table top
  • Greg wants the low down on General Finishes EnduroVar II

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5 replies on “516 – C Channel is a Waste of Time”

Another great show, lots of laughs and a little bit of info 🙂

You guys mentioned an assembly table plan at Rockler, but I searched and searched and “no joy”. Did they discontinue this plan, or was this a very delayed April Fools’ Joke ?

I had a bartop that was made from sketchy (not fully dried) wood that I got from a local wood supplier. I installed steel c-channel into the top to help prevent warping. The wood warped. The steel c-channel physically bent. The force of wood, if it wants to warp, is pretty impressive.

First nurses and now programmers? Really, Shannon? I take umbrage, good sir, with your baseless accusation that programmers get into woodworking because our life’s work doesn’t actually create anything other than 1s and 0s. While it might not be physically tangible, I happen to be one of many programmers who build and maintain software that helps tens of millions of people around the world get and stay healthy. That watch on your wrist and computer on your bike are nothing more than fancy paper weights without the work of myself and my colleagues at Garmin. While I admit, I’m surprised by the number of professional nerds in the woodworking arena myself, I think for programmers it’s more about the love of creative problem solving, which we can all agree that our shared hobby has plenty of.

Oh, and also, I expect an apology in the next episode lest I hack your Instagram account and post pictures of power tools… 😉

For me the use case for C-channels (or an angle bracket) is not to avoid “natural” warping but more to counter-act on load warping. (eg: on a free standing kitchen counter-top with some load : espresso machine, etc..)

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