517 – The Market’s Balls

It’s show #517. On today’s show, we’re talking about staying in our lanes, Domino knockoffs, and pots and pans schmoo.

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What’s On the Dining Table (Influencers be Crazy)

Doug wrote in and asked:

Why do some incredibly talented woodworkers feel compelled to intersperse their political views and misinformation with their woodworking info? Do those seeking woodworking info really want to see that nonsense? Especially when it underscores a lack of education and generally not being well read. I have been trying to compartmentalize the amazing from the crazy, but it is difficult to do so.

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  • Dillon asks about fancy wooden utensils versus “run of the mill” wooden spoons and spatulas
  • Scott wonders why no other company has made a version of the Domino.

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6 replies on “517 – The Market’s Balls”

Without naming the woodworker, the biggest issue I have with said woodworker is that they are spewing actual misformation from “Doctors” who are actually chiropractors and lifeguards. These are not reliable sources and sharing this propaganda is doing more harm than good. I’m all fine with someone sharing their political views but when that person is sharing false information that isn’t credible, that’s an issue.

I really want to see who this is also. I just scrolled through my insta and apparently I’m not following whomever it is as I haven’t seen anything like this.

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