523 – Unanimous Poo Pooing

It’s show #523. On today’s show, we’re talking about unsolicited advice, plywood vs solid wood, and milling boards in real time, and sanding to high grits.

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What’s On the Dining Table

Shannon tells a story where he could have offered wood finishing advice but just kept on walking because he was afraid to offer unsolicited advice in person. The conversation about how this is acceptable online but not in real life ensues.

News and Kickback

  • Allen wrote in to say that he chose a wooden countertop over other options because it was significantly cheaper and so far it is holding up well.

Emails and Voicemails

  • Oscar asks for advice on when to choose solid wood vs plywood.
  • Justin asks us what we do with all the projects we have made…even if they don’t match our home decor.
  • Ron asks if there is ever a reason to sand above 120 grit.
  • Jason wonders how long it takes us to mill boards in real time.

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3 replies on “523 – Unanimous Poo Pooing”

“Hey, I’m a woodworker, and I was wondering if you would be interested in some unsolicited advice. Feel free to say no, and my feelings won’t be hurt” (you have to mean it).

If they say no, reply “I’m glad I didn’t offer the advice without asking first. Good luck on your project (you have to mean that last part).

RE: woman spray painting in the cold
If she wanted some advice, she would get it from the paint manufacturer and read the label. You are going to sound like a gasbag at best, and be flat out wrong at worst (some paint can cure at low temperatures!).

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