553 – An Intervention for Shannon

It’s show #553 On today’s show, we’re talking about wood grain at the lumber yard, end grain cutting board finish, and Bandsaw Speed

What’s On the Bench

Marc stages an intervention for Shannon and his whining about power tools.


    • Jay shared that mixing natural crown moulding with white painted works just fine with this example of his living room

painted crown moulding

  • Shannon B suggests the trench foot sticker for those who have made it through the entire archive of the WoodTalk show.

Listener Questions

  • Hadas asks why lumber is only sold as flat sawn and not rift or quarter sawn.
  • “Joe” asks if the finish should be different on face grain cutting boards vs end grain cutting boards.
  • CK asks when it is appropriate to change the bandsaw speed.

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Trench foot – common in the trenches during WWI – the first war to end all wars. Caused by constantly damp conditions in the trenches.

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