WT105 – Woodworking in Pasadena

On today’s show, we are doing a little Woodworking in America recap and of course our regular selection of shop stories, links, voicemails and emails.

What’s on the bench?

Shannon is extra busy doing volunteer work but he just can’t figure out why. He’s currently building a gate and sticking 200 lf of moulding, egg & dart moulding.
Marc just finished up installing his Nordfab ductwork in the new shop.
Matt is still busy playing with his new Precious: a beautiful SawStop cabinet saw! Check out his unboxing video.

WIA Recap

Marc gives his thoughts on the instructors, the classes, the marketplace, and the after-hours events at Woodworking in America Pasadena. Be sure to check out Mary May’s Online School.

Around the Web

Fine Woodworking iOS App rocks the house!
David Marks finally released his WoodWorks episodes on DVD and digital download! Get some!
Christmas Box Build Off – Learn more!
Handworks 2013 – A unique hand tool woodworking event in Iowa!
Soulcraft Woodshop – a community woodworking shop, educational cooperative and gallery.
The Nakashima Foundation – Peace Altars

Poll of the Week

When you replace a tool, what do you do with the old one? Vote and check the results!


Frank wants to know the difference between paint thinner and mineral spirits and how much he should dilute for wiping applications.


Greg wants to know if he can use 3-4 sheets of plywood for a workbench top.
Larry has some joints opening up on his potato and onion bin.

iTunes Reviews

Special thanks to the following folks for their 5-star reviews: Already Bored, MS-Colorado, BarronB, Stew Paul and jsl7374

WIA Recap Voicemails

Matthew Watkins – (@watkinswoodwork)
Kyle Barton (@Texwood)

Jeremiah (@sawdustislife)

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Great show guys. I was finaly able to hear this by clicking on the download MP3 link (there is a several minute delay before the show starts playing). The streaming player controls directly above this link shows up as just a grey box with no controls. This is the case for all the WTOR episodes on this site, but not on Matt’s or Shannon’s websites. Given Matt and Shannon are no longer replicating the WTOR episodes on their sites, appreciate if you could look into the streaming controls here. Keep up the good work.


Hi Mark. I checked back on this WTOR #105 episode and the streaming player controls now are a grey box with the words “Download File” in white letters. These words are a link to WT_105.ogg file which my browser/computer don’t know how to open. I am running XP and IE8 (an old desktop computer). Same thing on Windows7 IE8. Thanks for looking into it.

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