WT118 – KickStompers

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On today’s show, we’re talking about breaking down plywood, Shapton glass stones, adapting Festool hoses, some hand plane talk, and Kickstarter campaigns.

Whats on the Bench?

Shannon is trying to figure out what to do with his scrap wood hodgepodge chair. Matt is trying more cold weather woodworking and is dealing with a bunch of Craigslist scammers. Marc delivered the Dogon Platform Bed to the client and has been spending all of his time writing his new book.

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Pole of the Week

Do You Like Red Oak?


Michael wants to know how we prefer to break down large plywood sheets.


Steve asks our thoughts on Shapton Glass Stones as well as whether we think it’s necessary to purchase their $300 lapping plate for flattening the stones.

David wrote in to pass on some advice for adapting Festool tools to non-Festool hoses. Here’s an excerpt from McFeely’s website: To attach your Festool to another brand dust extractor, simply purchase a Festool hose (item 452877), which has a standard 2 1/4″ sleeve. Keep in mind that the connection between the tool and the hose is more critical than the connection between the hose and the dust extractor. You want to have a snug fit on the tool side to make sure the hose doesn’t come off when you are working with the tool.

Ben wanted to get our thoughts on the usefulness of a rabbeting block plane and whether he should buy a smoothing plane or a jack plane as he begins to get his feet wet in hand tools.

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9 replies on “WT118 – KickStompers”

Shannon may want to look here:
http://bellboynewyork.com – he’s made some interesting pieces out of recycled/scrap stuff. It’s not in the left nav anymore, but he also made these: http://bellboynewyork.com/Shoehorns – simple, but neat.

I made a bunch of similar coathooks for my office using scraps of walnut, black locust and jatoba and shoehorns, c-clamps, and random hooks bought off eBay. Sometime are solid, some are laminated. In fact, this weekend, I’m going to take some more scrap walnut, hickory and jatoba to the shop, square it up, and make more.

As far as matching grain… one thing I can say is to embrace the difference. If you try to match, but can’t quite get there – it’ll look like a mistake. If you embrace the difference – it looks intentional. Maybe ugly, but intentional.

Regarding connecting a festool tool to a non-festool vac…I use a small 5hp 4gal ridgid model and I purchased the Bosch hose that’s 5m long. It’s has the exact soft rubber 35mm connector as the festool hose and plugs right into my ts55. The hose was like $26 bucks on amazon instead of $100+ for the festool. The picture on amazon looks like the connector is a hard plastic but mine was a soft rubber – look at the customer supplied pictures on amazon to see the actual connector. Works perfect.


Someone on the web even said its made in the same factory as the festool but who knows for sure…

I have a ShopVac brand vac from Lowes. The vac hose fits nearly perfect onto my Festool ETS 125 ROS.

Unfortunately, my little shopvac didn’t care much for the fine dust. So I yanked the shopvac’s hose off the shopvac and attached that end it to my Rockler Dust Right dust collector’s hose. I had to use a hose reducer (flexible one from rockler) along with a hose clamp to make the connection between the shopvac hose and the dust collection hose. But now I have a ROS hooked up to my shop’s dust collection. The combination works like a charm!


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