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On today’s show, we’re talking about die grinders and burrs, PVC pipe, Forrest vs Freud, scraping after tearout, jointer bed length, granite top retrofits, back bevels, blade height, effects of finish on wood movement, and buying wood just because.

What’s on the Bench?

Shannon’s building another lathe, because you can never have too many! Matt’s headed to Weekend with WOOD in Des Moines. Marc is excited to be done with his book.

Around the Web

Indiegogo fundraiser for Robohand, a functional prosthetic hand made using 3D Printers.

Poll of the Week

Do You Paint Your Projects?


Stan has a suggestion for the person looking for a box for his severed finger from Episode # 131.


– Vic has a question about die grinders and burrs.
Marc recommend he look at Kutzall as well as searching on Amazon for “carbide burrs.”


– Mike is considering PVC for dust collection and wants to know if there are safety hazards.
– Matt is curious whether Forrest blades are worth the price compared to a decent Freud blade.
– Marilyn is looking for advice on scraping after getting tearout with a plane.
– Jake is contemplating jointer bed length.
– Milo is thinking about granite as a retrofit on his tablesaw.
– Thomas is wondering about back bevels and which blades should have them.
– Darryl isn’t sure how high his tablesaw blade should extend beyond the work. Marc recommends he read this thread on WoodWeb for various opinions and justifications.
– Manny is curious how much finish affects wood movement.
– Clinton wants to know if we ever buy wood, just because.

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5 replies on “WT132 – Wood Talk Top 10”

This is for Vic: usually on the body of an air powered die grinder there is a straight blade screwdriver slot by the air inlet that will allow you to adjust the airflow to control the speed. I have had several die grinders and they have all had this feature.

Maybe you wont catch fire with PVC made ducts for dust collection but you’ll get a good shock. So, don’t forget to ground the pipes ( or wire wrap them) to lessen to possibility of shocks.

Hey…. there is a ton to do here in Des Moines, don’t knock it ’til you have tried it. Had a listened last week I would have offered to show you around!

To bad you guys aren’t making it to Handworks…

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