WT142 – Chuck Bender’s Carving Boot Camp

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On today’s show, we’re talking about Ouija Boards, low angle planes on figured woods, olive oil on kitchen items, old log wood, finishing a live edge board, and rust removal.

What’s on the Bench

Marc has opened up the pre-order on his Hybrid Woodworking book and is working on the panels for the G&G Blanket Chest.

What’s New?

Gaming Table is awesomesauce!
Free design course coming this fall.
– Escher Chess Board:

– Dovetails on the tablesaw:

– When you need a wooden reindeer in a hurry:

– Benchcrafted’s French Oak Roubo Project video:

Poll of the Week

How do you feel about files and rasps?


– AJ Hopkins suggests TSP (trisodium phosphate) as a way to darken wood without using excessively hard chemicals, a topic discussed in Episode 141
– Mark has additional advice for moving one’s tools, in response to Episode 141.
– Bob Rozaieski has additional input concerning bevels on carving gouges, discussed in Episode 141.


– Stewart want our thoughts on dog hole drilling and placement.


– Jerry is looking for material suggestions for a Ouija board.
– Chris is pondering a Veritas Low Angle Plane VS a #4 Smoother.
– Andy is working with a live edge board and wants our recommendation for finishing strategies.
– Tim wants to know if it’s ok to finish his kitchen items with olive oil.
– Jared wants to know if an old log will exhibit much movement after being cut up into slabs.
– Brian has some rust spots and wants them gone. Matt recommends this product for rust protection and Shannon suggested he watch this video.

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4 replies on “WT142 – Chuck Bender’s Carving Boot Camp”

Ok.. I guess I’ll stop giving that dark spot on my table saw the stink eye… or the “are you freaking kidding me” look at the 4 1/2 smoothing plane. Whooooosa…. carry on.

Thanks for the links. Next time I’m over at WoodRipoff… I mean WoodCraft, I’ll have to check that product out. Or maybe I’ll find it half price somewhere else. (Just sayin)

WARNING – This post rated PG-13. If you’re easily offended “This is not the post your looking for”.

Matt, just wonder where you buy your chamomile oil? I’ve never used it on my tools but it is in my shampoo and conditioner and I’ve been very pleased with the results. I’m going to bring my chisels into the shower tomorrow and see how well it works.

Another oil that you might want to try is camellia-toe oil. It’s hard to find but if you can get it you won’t be sorry. I have a local source but have never seen it sold online, at least not at any of the sites that I frequent. If your one of those people who have to buy the best (Lie-Nielsen and Festool) then you’ll want to get the Extra Virgin variety. It’s a lot more expensive but I think it worth every penny. The Italian oils are ok but I prefer the Greek myself. Ooooopa!

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