WT152 – Chisels for the Win!

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On today’s show, we’re talking about essential hand tools for power tool woodworkers, router speeds, keeping a sharp edge on your tools, and using bandsaw blades for hand saws.


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What’s on the Bench

Marc is delving even deeper into the humidor world while also spending a bunch of money on awesome veneer! Matt is still recovering from a bandsaw fiasco. Shannon finished his lathe and can’t wait to start a new furniture project.

What’s New

Yet another woodworker who makes us green with envy!
– Traditional Swedish Woodworking:

– Making a rocking chair with only hand tools:

Poll of the Week

Do you turn?


– Kenji has some tips for users of DMT diamond plates.
– Dave has some thoughts on our conversation about using a router plane to trim tenon cheeks from Wood Talk #151.

He recommends we check out Paul Seller’s Poor Man’s Router:

Here you can see it in action (jump to 10 minutes):


– James wants some advice on knowing when to increase or decrease the speed on his router.
– Christopher is having trouble keeping a durable edge on his plane irons.
– Hutch wants to know if he can use a band saw blade to make bow and frame saws.

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One reply on “WT152 – Chisels for the Win!”

Thanks for all your comments on the DMT diamond plate ‘glazing’ issue, which I have noticed as well. Shannon remarked that he uses a stiff brush to clear the plate of the swarf to minimize glaze. I’ll try that too. What I have been doing is to use a scotch brite pad on the plate whenever I am spritzing the plate with water during a sharpening session. It seems to help.

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