WT155 – Continuous Doodie

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On today’s show, we’re talking about belt sanders for fine woodworking, card scraper sharpening, water stone storage, matching baltic birch to solid birch, and respiratory protection when using epoxy and fiberglass.

What’s on the bench?

Marc is getting geared up for veneer work. Shannon built a grinding station on his lathe and finished more columbarium. Matt

What’s New?

Projects held together with no joinery, only tension.
Hand-made skateboards!

Cool Hunting Video Presents: DL Skateboards from Cool Hunting on Vimeo.

Shop in LA conducting skateboard classes.
Making handles with a circular saw

The Wood Database
“Bed in a box”
Butterfly stool
Minwax Do Good With Wood Award

Poll of the Week

Tell us about your shop!


– Dell has some feedback on Wood Talk #153 regarding building order, particular use of cut lists.
– Aaron’s Top Ten Woodworking Pickup Lines inspired by a comment in Wood Talk #152.
– Clint recommends Certainlywood.com for amazing veneer.
– Alan recommends a basic ryboba as an essential hand tool for power tool woodworkers.


– Kris (with a K) has a question for Marc about routing direction and safety.


– Jake works at a furniture company that uses the belt sander extensively and he wants to know if this is a normal practice.
– Jeffrey is having trouble getting a nice burr on his scrapers.
– John has some new water stones and is curious if he should store them in water. Matt suggests the following reference articles: Woodcraft and Lee Valley
– Thedude is wondering how well baltic birch ply will match up with solid birch.
– Bob wants to use holly for some inlay stringing and has questions about storage and use.
– Gene wants to protect his lungs from epoxy and fiberglass dust.

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8 replies on “WT155 – Continuous Doodie”

I can’t believe you title the show ‘Continuous Doodie’, but NOBODY even flinched when Matt talked about taking his ‘stones’ back into the house to keep them from freezing …

I’m excited to see some veneering done. That is something I really enjoy. You are correct that an “ok” veneer saw is fairly inexpensive. I used the two cherries one for a while. However, like with EVERYTHING in this hobby, there is always a more expensive route.. In this case, it is a night and day difference. I’m not one for spending money just because, but a good quality french veneer saw is 100% worth it.


It’s the difference between a $1 Chinese 2 flute straight bit and the whiteside ultimate trim. I have no affiliation with them at all, but that saw was recommended to me. It’s especially useful for us lefties as well

What kind of belt sander is Jake talking about? A handheld 3″x21″ unit? Or a stationary tool such as the meter-long horizontal oscillating belt sander that Norm had next to his panel sanding behemoth?

If the edge of the stock is already fairly straight, a belt sander will get it done and get you straight enough to go to the table saw. But, when an edge is that close, it’s a toss up as to whether a belt sander is faster that a handplane. For darn sure it’ll be noisier and messier.

Ugh i just watched that video on making the handholds on the boxes and though I understand that he knows what hes doing, all i can think about is the person that tries to mimic this and having the saw skip off the box after a catch and jumping right at his thigh, I know when I try this(actually seems like a nice way to make handles so I will havta try it) I wont be leaving my leg in chop zone until i get use to the feel, and probably not even then.

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