WT193 – Marc Go Sleepy

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On today’s show, we’re talking about mixing profiles and breadboard ends, using a chisel plane, and making dadoes and grooves with hand tools.

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What’s on the Bench

Marc – Being “that” guy by purchasing a single board.
Matt – Getting his pony on!
Shannon – Took his lathe on the road.

What’s New

– A very old wood slicer:

Poll of the Week

How Do You Cut Your Mortises?


– Ryan suggests Lucas look into a community shop called Atrisan’s Asylum.


– Bob wants to know if he can use Epifanes and then follow it up with a cheaper topcoat.


– David wants to put breadboards on a Shaker-style table top, but also wants to cut a nice underside bevel.
– Justin is having trouble gouging his work with his Lie Nielsen 97 1/2 chisel plane.
– Matt wants to know the preferred method for cutting dados and grooves in solid wood with hand tools? Matt recommends this video.

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4 replies on “WT193 – Marc Go Sleepy”

Don’t make it sound wrong to buy one board at the lumber yard.encorage it!!! Love the book hybrid woodworking. Will there be more? What about interviewing the woodworkers we look up to?thanks mark Matt and Shannon keep up the good work.

Thanks for listening Bob! I can’t speak to more books coming, but I agree with one board purchases at lumberyards…they need to be kept on their toes LOL.

As for interviews on the show, it’s actually something we’ve talked about frequently but there’s just too many behind the scenes things that don’t always work very easily.

In a nutshell, because this is a side-project from our regular shows we have it set up in a very specific way to make it easy for us to record with minimal setup and it’s easy to troubleshoot if something comes up. By adding a fourth or more setup in the mix things can get wonky.

Thanks again for listening!

Regarding Justin’s difficulty with the Lie Nielsen Chisel Plane 97 1/2, there is a video on YouTube made by Lie Nielsen called, “Chisel Plane Set Up and Use.” They demonstrate both the 97 and the 97 1/2. This may be useful in understanding how they’re meant to be used.

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